NEAB Virtual Class Guidelines

Instructions for logging on.

We are working hard to finalize the platform for this service to our families. Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this un-chartered territory for our dance school.

Our goal is to provide a LIVE online class, taught by your dancer's regular teacher. Students will download the app for ZOOM. (No charge for the app). A link with a password for each class is provided below. Dancers/parents will log in utilizing the link and password and there will be a roll call for each class. (This will be for each day and time of your normal classes so that students can resume a somewhat more normal routine. Teachers will be able to guide students through barre, stretching,
current curriculum, and then review the recitals, AND, add additional choreography to the recitals so that we can keep moving forward to our recital.

Teachers will be able to watch the students and assist them with questions. There will also be a raise your hand feature where students can type questions.

We are very excited to be able to move forward with our season with this method until we have been cleared to return to the studios. Royal blue through advanced dancers will be instructed as a regular class. The light pinks and blues will be more of a "Mommy and Me" scenario with the parent assisting the student following the guidance of the instructor.

We ask that dancers wear the appropriate uniform and hair requirements so that most closely simulates the classroom environment. Teachers have modified their classes to accommodate smaller spaces…but the largest cleared out space you have would be great. (Even a a patio or deck on a sunny day!)

We know that you have a lot of questions and we are getting the information to you as quickly as we can. Our plan is to be at the theater for recitals as scheduled, but we all know there are no guarantees as we monitor the spread/containment of the virus.

We WILL have a recital and we will find a safe way to do this while regarding CDC regulations. That is almost 10 weeks away so we are keeping our fingers crossed and are brainstorming every day for a back up plan.

Schedules, links, and passwords will be up by Sunday, March 22nd. Thank you for your patience as we finalize them platform that we feel will work best for this.

Virtial Class Schedule

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