Registration Fee

A registration fee of $35 per dancer  ($50 for families with more than one dancer) is payable upon enrollment.  This fee is non-refundable.

Tuition Schedule

Hours Per Week                Tuition Per Month**

Pre Ballet (1 hour)                       $60

1 hour per week                            $65

2 hours per week                         $105

3 hours per week                         $160

4 hours per week                         $220

5 hours per week                         $255

6 hours per week                         $295

Unlimited Classes                         $295

** Tuition is per student per month. Please inquire about fractional hours. Tuition is based on a 10 month season divided into 10 equal payments for your convenience.

Recital Fee

A recital fee of $50 (for one enrolled dancer) or $65 (for families with more than one enrolled dancer) will be due with February tuition.  This fee covers two tickets for admission to the recital (3 tickets for families with more than one enrolled dancer), theater rent, technical staff, and other recital related expenses.  Additional tickets are available for $10.

Recital Costumes

Costumes for the recital are ordered for each class.  These costumes typically cost between $65-$85 and are ordered in October or early November.